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Choose your wedding photographer wisely

When the sun sets on your fairy tale day, the only tangible memories you will have left are those captured on camera. Choosing a suitable wedding photographer is therefore one of the most important decisions you will have to make during your wedding planning. Rudi Silbermann, of Silber Studio, gives some insight into this important decision

Let’s find out more about Rudi first…

“Since I can remember I’ve always enjoyed interacting with people. I never knew that this trait would lead me to work with brides and to capture their weddings one day. While assisting other wedding photographers throughout the years, without the intention of joining the wedding industry myself, I just fell in love with it. There is something magical about witnessing two people committing themselves to another. This is my biggest passion in life!”

With more than 5 years experience and photographing around 300 weddings and 300+ engagements, Rudi says that brides should start off by deciding on the look and feel they want for their wedding photos. Based on this, they should research and make a shortlist of photographers that match their criteria. Thereafter they should shorten the list to three photographers and arrange meetings with all of them. (This is why a photographer’s portfolio is so crucial – it gives brides a good indication of their photography style and approach.)

“You should talk about your expectations and desires for your wedding photos during these meetings. Which photographer makes you feel most comfortable? Trust your gut feeling. Choose your favorite one and book an engagement session to test and confirm your judgement during this process,” Rudi says.

Couples that book engagement sessions with their wedding photographers are generally more comfortable with them on the actual wedding day, which makes for a better overall experience. Engagement shoots also produce great photos that can be used for wedding announcements, invites, save the dates and various other events related to the wedding.

Concerning budget, Rudi says that great thought should be applied to this: “We usually recommend that at least 20% of the total wedding budget should be allocated to the photographer. This also ensures that expectations are matched with reality. In the end, you get what you pay for,”. He also adds that brides shouldn’t expect a photographer who charges R2000 to deliver the same value as one who charges R20 000.

As for general advice, Rudi noted that couples can get so caught up in wedding planning that they sometimes lose touch with their loved ones, or don’t have much to say to each other anymore after the wedding is over. Ensure that you have a good balance between life and wedding. Proper planning, such as booking a suitable wedding photographer, is key.


*View Rudi’s portfolio here.

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