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Exciting times at Wedding & Lifestyle Hub SA

– To grow, one must embrace discomfort.

 Learning to be comfortable with discomfort is one of the most important skills we can ever acquire!

We started our new and uncomfortable journey 18 months ago, filled with uncertainty, surprises, and challenges.  When we get challenged in life, we are asked to become more than what we were: that means creating new perspectives, acquiring new skills, and pushing our boundaries. Change is never easy. We are comfortable with our old routines where everything flow smoothly, and once we become comfortable; we often stagnate.

Change always brings about discomfort. Learning to be comfortable with discomfort is one of the most important skills we can ever acquire!

Discomfort holds the potential to be the joyful key that opens many doors for us! We can beat procrastination, start new habits, learn a new language, face challenges head-on, explore new things, conquer the fear of public speaking, and even embrace a minimalist lifestyle. Sometimes it creates the need for us to rebrand or restructure businesses that we have built over many years, and at other times we are forced to close businesses that we thought we would pass on to the future generations.

In challenging times, there are always opportunities for growth, for new things to be born, and to rise from the ashes. Character gets built and our passions are rediscovered. During this uncomfortable time for us, our new brand was born. It took just 18 months to get ready for our journey; a brand-new chapter that led us to say that we are now comfortable with change! We are excited about what the future holds! We thank the Lord for His guidance, as we are all in this boat together and very honored to be part of this new chapter.

Breaking a habit, trying something new, taking a risk, or making new connections is never easy, but it’s so worth it. It’s exhausting but rewarding. We could not have done this without supernatural guidance.

To grow, one must embrace discomfort. Transitions are always uncomfortable and scary – and that’s normal – but we are guided, not alone, and we do not have a spirit of fear, but authority to overcome and embrace all discomfort.  All the glory to God!

Reborn. Restructured. Renewed. Transformed. Ready to serve and proud to be part of a Kingdom business.

We are humbled to be a part of the new journey for so many couples who are starting their lives together. There will be many new chapters and seasons and exciting adventures, starting at your wedding day. The first day as husband and wife will also be the first day of a couple’s new lifestyle. We just want to tell them to embrace every moment. Never fear change!

Words of Wisdom from the desk of the CEO of Wedding & Lifestyle Hub SA

Anzel Meintjes


“I often say that hard times create character, and uncertainty leads to new opportunities” – King Price, a word from the King

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