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What values drive your business?

I resigned as the owner from all my businesses not too long ago and appointed God as the owner instead. It brought about unbelievable change. I also had to lay the foundation with the values and mindset of Christ, where all the decisions pertaining to the business were concerned.

Some of these values are:

  • Fairness in all things
  • Not to be boastful
  • Not to look down on other people or businesses
  • Transparency
  • Honesty
  • Meekness
  • To have an open hand and be gracious toward my personnel and clients
  • Respect for all concerned
  • To have a servant’s heart
  • Excellence in everything
  • To speak life over all situations
  • Not to allow discord, as drama is always prevalent where unity is compromised

There is always a negative atmosphere where a lack of unity presents itself. It is almost like visiting friends for a braai when they have been fighting – that negative atmosphere impacts your personnel as well as your clients, and ultimately destroys everything you try to build. Our true intentions will always be reflected by the core values that we hold, especially in times of difficulty, but also when things are just smooth sailing.

How you handle difficult situations is what ultimately builds your character. To refine your character daily, is of utmost importance.

How do you act when your personnel act dishonestly, are negligent, make mistakes, or disappoint you? Do you shout or swear at them? Do you chase them away? Do you discuss them with their fellow colleagues? Do you break them down? How do you handle a situation like this? Because if God is the owner, you must be a worthy representative of Him.


How do you treat your personnel?

  • Are you humble? Do you serve them, do the dishes for them occasionally? Do you pick up the trash or take the load off them by helping with tasks when you are on-site, or in the office? Do you sometimes spoil them by making them a cup of coffee? Do you share meals with them, or do you only give your precious time and attention to management?
  • Do you pray with them?
  • Do you lend a hand in times of trouble? God takes my hand every time when I battle, so then I must also take up that role with those who work for me.


  • Do you thank them for their hard work, or do you only focus on their shortfalls?


  • Do you pray before you confront someone who were dishonest or neglectful, or do you immediately act out of anger and frustration?


  • How do you handle matters in times of conflict? Do you listen to your personnel and how they feel, or are your feelings the only ones that matter? Are you gracious and wise? Are you always fair? Are they better off after you called them into your office? Do they learn something from you that motivates them to grow and be better versions of themselves? Do they still feel appreciated and worthy after you correct them?

How do you approach the finances in your business? Do you pay it into the business account and treat it with honesty and transparency, or do you dodge the Tax Man?


Do all your personnel get paid fair salaries? Do you deduct UIF from every person that works for more than 24 hours a month? Is your business in line with all the legal requirements? This is something valuable I learnt from the new Owner of my businesses: always be righteous. Fix what is broken and do not make decisions based solely on money. God is not moved by money!


Do you sell your products with the sole intent of making money, or do you have the desire to make a difference, by producing a product that is of good quality and in good, working order? Do you determine your pricing with the aim to milk your buyer dry, or do you consider fair measurement?


These questions are not intended to break me (or you, for that matter) down or to make me feel bad, but rather to help establish my character so that I can live from my spirit, and not my flesh. Not one of these are to stir guilt, condemnation or to make me feel like a failure. Changing my mindset was very important for me to not believe the lies and false accusations from the enemy.  We, as business front runners, should know our identity and what God says about us. The authority we have in Christ is not to only be a shining light in darkness, but also for us to remember that the darkness must dissipate whenever we are present.


Our authority doesn’t end here though – we have so much power when we love people unconditionally and help them discover the gold within themselves. Our calling is so much bigger than just raking in a hefty bank balance. Let your business be a light on the hill, a beacon of hope and truth. Whenever someone enters your premises, they must leave with a longing for the truth, if they haven’t known peace, love, and contentment before. Soon before long, they will ask you what you do differently. Rest assures, the profits will come. You just need to keep your focus on the important things – I can personally testify about this!


Anzel Meintjes

– Ambassador of Christ, Mother of 3 boys, Wife and Entrepreneur

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