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Lose weight for Your Wedding

With your sparkly ring prancing on your finger, you now become wedding dress obsessed. Which bride doesn’t, right? All brides are beautiful, but should you feel like losing a bit of weight before your wedding, the experts at BODYTEC© are here to give you the best advice on this relevant topic.

There are numerous ways to lose weight – some are healthy, and some are quite damaging. Although popular diets like the Keto Diet, Paleo Diet, and plant-based diets are proven to be some of the most sufficient methods around, they aren’t always compatible with all body types. A combination of diets/intermittent fasting, as well as physical activity, play a crucial role in a bride’s weight loss. It can be a challenging process and requires consistency.

What are the best ways for brides to lose weight?

“In every bride’s vision for her wedding, she visualizes herself in what she believes is the perfect shape. Wedding plans are so time consuming, therefore brides either do not find the time to exercise and maintain a healthy diet, or they crash. For a bride who wants to lose weight rather quickly, the healthiest methods are to pre-plan eating schedules, as well as to increase activity levels. Weight loss is dependent on the type and intensity of exercises performed, as well as food consumption. Counting calories, or specific diets, combined with BODYTEC’s EMS training will bring about optimal results.”

What are the unhealthiest ways for losing weight?

“One of the worst ways for a bride to lose weight is by drastically limiting the amount of food she consumes. Another unhealthy method is known as a crash diet, which is when the bride would completely cut out specific foods, such as carbohydrates, fats, or protein from her diet.  The key is moderation, rather than excluding a whole food group. She may be missing important nutrients by doing it this way.”

How much weight should a bride be losing per month?

“A healthy amount of weight loss would average around 0.45-0.9 kilograms per week, or maximum 4-6 kilograms a month. The amount of weight loss is also dependent on a bride’s body type, so this is only a guideline. If an unhealthy amount of weight is lost, it could cause health problems such as a drop in metabolism, or malnutrition.”

When should a bride start with lifestyle changes to lose enough weight before the wedding?

“Three months are good to lose up to 5-8 kilograms, because it allows the bride enough time, should she default. If she has a bad day, there will be ample time to recover, and she will be able to make up for the missed time the next day.”

What is the best advice for a bride who wants to lose weight in a short amount of time?

“The best advice is to be consistent. She should track her diet consistently, as well as ensure that she is eating clean (in other words, a healthy balanced diet). The food that is consumed will influence her physical and mental wellbeing. It is also important to maintain physical activity like strength and endurance training to give her body the structure she is looking for.”


If you want to lose weight to look and feel your best in your wedding dress, try the BODYTEC way of working out. During their 20-minute sessions, under the watchful guidance of a qualified trainer, they use Electro Magnetic Shock (EMS) treatment. Electric pulses stimulate 90% of muscles, which make BODYTEC so much more effective than traditional exercise. The exercises are lower-impact, thus less risk of injury, but do not think that it is a quick-fix, or easy. Their members will tell you that it doesn’t feel much different from an average gym session.

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