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Connecting the Stars

A Letter from the Editor

I am so, deeply blessed to be able to share my heart and vision with each precious woman reading this e-magazine. When we started the Glow e-magazine, we wanted it to be an enriching tool to help brides and women from all walks of life. After some time, it evolved into something much deeper and personal for me. I would even go as far as saying it is a part of my life’s purpose.

Being a leading voice in the South African wedding industry, we want brides to be able to find everything they need on our various platforms. Although their different journeys may initially start with finding wedding tips and tools, trustworthy vendors, service providers, and marital advice, this magazine is so much more than just a wedding catalogue. Bride or not, the woman this magazine reaches may be a business owner, in the market to buy a house, an avid traveler, a mother, or possibly on a journey towards finding her identity. All those themes are covered in this e-magazine, as we want women to grow with us through all their stages of life.

I want to share something very personal with each woman reading this: when we started the Glow e-magazine, our amazing graphic designer designed a puzzle for our Treasure Hunt. It was of a galaxy with the words ‘Dream beyond the Galaxy’. She said that it was a message for us and at first, I did not grasp it, but in the coming months the picture started forming beautifully.

Our family moved to Jefferey’s Bay and we faced many trials. Through all those trials I kept being reminded of the galaxy and a message of hope started growing in my heart. The Lord showed me how we sometimes limit ourselves, even though His power is not limited. That reminded me of two scriptures in the Bible that say we must renew our minds, and that we can do all things through Christ who gives us strength.

I started attending business events in our area and at each gathering people would ask me who I was. It caught me by surprise that I didn’t know how to answer them. At one event I even replied with: “I don’t know”. What I do know, is I am a daughter of the King, an ambassador of Christ.

The galaxy started featuring even more in my daily life – from screen savers and pictures to a pencil case my son brought home. What really moved me was when I took a walk along the beach one morning, asking the Lord if it was Him talking to me. As I walked, I almost bumped my foot against a white rock. I picked it up and to my amazement someone painted the words ‘You are a shooting star’ on it. That confirmed to me that it was indeed Him calling me to speak things into existence and to expand my faith beyond the vast expanse of the galaxy.

Backtracking to the last event where I was asked by a gentleman who I was, he also confirmed everything the Lord had been downloading in my spirit by saying: “Girl, you are connecting the stars”.

So, my purpose is to connect the stars – introducing brides to service providers and vendors, women to businesses, businesswomen to clients and customers, and to set a platform for women to share their stories so that others may learn, heal, and grow from them. We are not limited, and we should live as such.

You are one of these stars and my hope is that you will get connected to what you are longing for. Always remember – DREAM BEYOND THE GALAXY, no dream is too big, no mountain too high.  When ever in doubt, look at the stars – and remember – he, who is in you – is bigger that the galaxy or anything in this world! You are made to shine, to be a light on a hill, you have the authority to speak into the unseen, and to overcome anything! 

Should you need any further assistance or advice not offered in this edition of the e-magazine, please feel free to contact me. Even if you just want to share your story or testimony with us, please feel free to do so. Think of me as your friend in the industry.

With much Love,

Anzel Meintjes

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