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a must experience for any engaged couple

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A journey to treasure forever

Stand a chance to win a dream wedding, honeymoon and other amazing prizes! 4 Weeks of adventure you will treasure forever! The Wedding & Lifestyle Treasure Hunt is a game based on an app, this game takes engaged couples on a journey, spending time together, solving riddles and clues and ultimately learning more about each other, and what the married life holds in store. They will be introduced to some of the best wedding and lifestyle vendors while discovering every step of planning their wedding and future. This game is played by engaged couples and will be available to purchase once you are registered. The Ultimate Wedding & Lifestyle Treasure Hunt is a must experience for all engaged couples. Weekly hidden prizes are up for grabs which makes this a game where there is not just one winner! There are several quests, and each quest consists of a few tasks to be completed by the hunters. The Treasure Hunt is a fantastic experience – don’t miss out, register to join for the next hunt. Once you are registered you will receive more information regarding the next Hunt.

#Throwback to 2017

win a wedding

#Throwback to our Treasure Hunt 2017 – Win a Wedding of Mark & Amalia. Looking forward to soon share the dream wedding of our 2019 and 2020 Treasure Hunt Winners.

Wedding & Lifestyle Treasure Hunt

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Listen to what some of our Top Brands have to say about their Treasure Hunt experience – The Ultimate Brand Awareness Campaign

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Stand a chance to win a dream wedding, honeymoon and numerous other weekly prizes!


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Martin & Maryke – 2019 Winners

how to enter the treasure hunt

How to enter for the next Treasure Hunt.

Martin & Maryke – 2019 Winners

why you should enter

A must-experience for all engaged couples, a journey to treasure forever.

Martin & Maryke – 2019 Winners

the final puzzle piece

Putting together your puzzle pieces is another fun part of this amazing journey! Martin & Maryke have their final puzzle framed in their new home.

Martin & Maryke – 2019 Winners

where to find the answers

To solve the quests, the Wedding & Lifestyle E-Magazine and Website will be a good place to look for answers.

Martin & Maryke – 2019 Winners

what happens when falling behind

You might have missed out on weekly hidden prizes but you can still catch up.

Frederik & Annemarie

treasure hunt winners 2020

Interview with our previous Treasure Hunt winners – sharing some words of wisdom and precious memories – coming soon!