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Weddings and Beyond: From I Do to Happily Ever After

In the intricate tapestry of relationships, understanding and effective communication are essential threads that bind couples together. Enter the concept of the five love languages, a powerful tool introduced by author Gary Chapman. These love languages serve as a guide to understanding how individuals perceive and receive love. By delving into these languages—Words of Affirmation, […]

By The Beat Dance Studio We know the very last thing a couple need is the added pressure of the first wedding dance. Especially if left too late, this can add substantial stress and strain to your already long to-do list! The Beat Dance Studio can help you turn this special moment into something magical. […]

By Gina Vorster As a young girl you may have dreamt of riding a beautiful horse with flowy hair – in your wedding gown! This romanticism is similar to walking barefoot on the beach, with your veil blowing softly in the wind. Equestrian-themed weddings are majestic and not that difficult to bring into fruition. We […]

by Anla Creative Photography Your wedding invitation is the first experience that guests will have of your wedding. It will give them an idea of the theme, look, and overall feel they can expect of your big day. Here are some hints and tips from Anla Creative Photography to keep in mind when you are […]

By Errol van der Merwe As a highly experienced sales performance specialist, I spent many years in corporate sales positions – from managing executive levels to starting my own performance consultancy company fifteen years ago. Lockdown posed its own unique challenges, so I started a second consultancy, based on the demand for online and remote […]

with Ben Kleynhans, Liberty Financial Adviser When planning a wedding, couples don’t often focus as much on their financial portfolios as they do on the actual ceremony. Proper communication and planning can be the keys to a successful marriage that comes with balanced finances. Even if difficult for some couples to discuss, these things should […]

The perfect makeup and hairstyle will complement your wedding dress and elevate your confidence levels – and it will show in your wedding pictures! Skilled hands can create a stylish look that will last well into the morning hours of your wedding celebration. Read here to find out why the experts at Stijl should be […]

We all hoped that Covid-19 would just have been a memory in our history books by now, but the reality is that we will still have to cope with it for a while longer. Life goes on and important events, like weddings, can’t be kept on hold by Lockdown restrictions forever. AnuYou Wellness and Slimming […]

After the excitement of the big day subsides, another (and sometimes more exciting) big event awaits couples – the honeymoon, of course! Fiona Watermeyer, Super Travel Agent from Aeroplan, shares some amazing honeymoon tips that can elevate a great experience to an amazing one. Read more about it here. WHAT TIPS CAN YOU GIVE COUPLES […]

A Letter from the Editor I am so, deeply blessed to be able to share my heart and vision with each precious woman reading this e-magazine. When we started the Glow e-magazine, we wanted it to be an enriching tool to help brides and women from all walks of life. After some time, it evolved […]

With your sparkly ring prancing on your finger, you now become wedding dress obsessed. Which bride doesn’t, right? All brides are beautiful, but should you feel like losing a bit of weight before your wedding, the experts at BODYTEC© are here to give you the best advice on this relevant topic. There are numerous ways […]

Exciting times at Wedding & Lifestyle Hub SA – To grow, one must embrace discomfort.  Learning to be comfortable with discomfort is one of the most important skills we can ever acquire! We started our new and uncomfortable journey 18 months ago, filled with uncertainty, surprises, and challenges.  When we get challenged in life, we are […]

Let us first have a look at what BODYTEC is not: it is not a shortcut for lazy people. It is just a quicker and more effective way of full-body strength training, using Electro Muscle Stimulation (EMS). Using a medically approved device with the capacity to contract your muscles via electrical impulses, they get passed […]

When the sun sets on your fairy tale day, the only tangible memories you will have left are those captured on camera. Choosing a suitable wedding photographer is therefore one of the most important decisions you will have to make during your wedding planning. Rudi Silbermann, of Silber Studio, gives some insight into this important […]