Date Night Ideas

Marriage is no need for couples to stop dating. Some couples believe that dating their spouse is the key to keeping their connection alive, but they sometimes run out of ideas, or get stuck in a rut. We searched the net to find some new and fresh ideas for you to try out.


You don’t have to be an artist (or even be talented) to take an art class. There are many art workshops where couples can have a glass of wine, while just getting creative and having fun. Even if your bird may come out looking like a plane, you will always associate the fun memories with the wacky picture hanging on the wall.


In movies, karaoke nights are always a hit. Create your own movie scene by belting it out at a karaoke bar!


Throw a slumber party for two. You can even build a blanket fort, carry the television into the room, and include an array of drinks and snacks.


If you own bicycles, go on a mini tour, and stop by different ice cream shops, coffee shops, nurseries, or whatever places or activities you find interesting as a couple. It may be even better to take your bicycles to a quaint town and ride and explore all the hidden gems.


Leave the kids at home and go be kids yourselves! Ride a rollercoaster, eat candy floss, take lots of quirky pictures, and leave with a massive teddy bear.


Do an activity that will get your adrenalin pumping, like sky diving, bungee jumping, river rafting, or abseiling.


Challenge each other in an activity, and each think of something the loser must give the winner. It may be anything from joining the gym for couples’ sessions, to skinny dipping in the middle of winter.


Go visit places you have never been. Write down names of towns you want to visit and draw them from a hat. Each date gets to be in a different town.


If you are crafty people, go on an antique hunt and find a coffee table or any piece of furniture to restore together. Or tackle a home project like building a fire pit together or painting a mural.


Go on a wine, gin, or craft beer tasting tour. Then find a cute guest house and spend the night there.


Try out a cuisine you haven’t ever had before. A whole new world may open, and you find your new favourite dish, or it may just be a night of giggles (with some take aways afterwards)!


Make a checklist of things you haven’t done yet as a couple and aim at ticking off one activity each month. Always remember to take many photos, as they can be lovely reminders of why your love is so special.

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Date Night Ideas

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