Create your wedding invitation

Your wedding invitation is the first experience that guests will have of your wedding. It will give them an idea of the theme, look, and overall feel they can expect of your big day. Here are some hints and tips from Anla Creative Photography to keep in mind when you are designing your invitation.

Choose a style

Pick a well-known design style such as Art Deco, Modern, Traditional, etc to help steer your ideas and give the design focus.

Go for timeless fonts

Classic fonts that have stood the test of time will always look great on invitations and will ensure that your design never goes out of style.

Think about the practicalities

Consider important issues like sizing, orientation and prints before getting stuck on the design.

Keep floral designs modern

Floral designs are romantic and traditional choices for wedding invitations, but they don’t need to look overbearing. Try abstract illustrations and contrast against a dramatic background colour for a design that looks contemporary and modern.

Consider introducing photographs

If you are looking for a unique design that looks fresh and modern, introducing photos into a background or border might be the way to go.

Align your typeface in the middle

Aligning your typeface in the middle is going to make your design and font look better. Also, try replacing ‘and’ with ‘&’. It adds an element of elegance to your design.

If in doubt – keep it classic

Personal taste can differ and design trends may come and go, but a classic design will always have an appeal in the wedding invitation design. Add a modern twist to a traditional design to inject a bit of personality. Above all – always keep it personal.

Be mindful of your theme

Let your invitation reflect the tone of your wedding. Should you be getting married in a castle, opt for a formal look and font. Or for a relaxed beach wedding, go for a fresh and informal look, with more relaxed fonts. Be mindful of how your chosen colours complement your theme.

Wedding invitations do not have to be plain and informative only. Add a personal touch to it, whether through pictures, your favourite quotes, or a personal message.

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Create your wedding invitation

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Create your wedding invitation

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