Your First Dance

By The Beat Dance Studio

We know the very last thing a couple need is the added pressure of the first wedding dance. Especially if left too late, this can add substantial stress and strain to your already long to-do list! The Beat Dance Studio can help you turn this special moment into something magical.

Founders, Leigh and Gillian Bingham, owned several dance studios before becoming fran-chisees of Fred Astaire Dance Studios South Africa. Leigh eventually became the CEO of FADS South Africa, but over time became disillusioned by the old-fashioned ways in which dancing was being taught around the world. 

This was where the vision for The Beat Dance Studio was born – an opportunity to create a brand-new, modern syllabus that was much more suited to modern music styles than the antiquated ways of the past. The Beat Dance Studio, as it functions currently, came into operation in 2004, and over the last decade and a half became the largest independent social dance studio in Southern Africa.

Apart from our standard Ballroom and Latin class offerings (for those wishing to learn to dance socially) we are proud to have taught thousands of couples over the years – regardless of their skill level.

While the pressures of the opening wedding dance seem daunting to some couples, our teachers have mastered the art of making the entire process fun and enjoyable. Many of our wedding couples enjoyed the experience so much that they are now a part of the Beat Family and continue taking lessons as couples. The benefits of continued interaction have done wonders for many marriages, from reconnecting couples during stressful times to opening them up to new levels of intimacy through trust, movement, and touch.

Your First Dance

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Your First Dance

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