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What makes BODYTEC different?

Let us first have a look at what BODYTEC is not: it is not a shortcut for lazy people. It is just a quicker and more effective way of full-body strength training, using Electro Muscle Stimulation (EMS). Using a medically approved device with the capacity to contract your muscles via electrical impulses, they get passed through your muscles for maximum strength training in minimum time.

These electrical impulses are then combined with low-impact exercises for an intense full body workout, under the supervision of a qualified personal trainer. BODYTEC training allows for a 90% muscle activation, simultaneously with contractions reaching a much higher intensity than those done voluntarily. The overall high intensity, low impact muscle activation makes our training a muscle strength and endurance exercise. BODYTEC offers a training program that is supported by extensive research.

In a conventional gym environment, we can activate about 40 to 50% of the muscle. BODYTEC activates up to 90% of the muscle, while over 600 muscles in the body are stimulated simultaneously. In this conventional environment we can also only activate the agonist muscle, while at BODYTEC there is tension on agonist and antagonist, meaning that we have a stretch under tension, as well as the contraction under tension, thus making our way of training much more time efficient and effective.

The body does not find EMS foreign, as our brains send electric impulses to our muscles to contract daily (therefore we are able to do an EKG). When an object is heavy, our brains send an impulse to our muscles to contract – all we do is mimic that impulse with the EMS device and put it directly onto the muscle. The muscle does not differentiate between an impulse from the brain or an external stimulus, so the muscle reacts as if there is a weight on it.

During your first session, you will do a consultation with a personal trainer, where we establish your goals as well as fitness level, and obtain other relevant information like injuries, etc. Each session is tailored to the member’s specific goals and needs. No two sessions will look the same!


  • A modern and personal studio with individual attention.
  • Training by appointment only, which means no waiting time.
  • Maximum of two members per EMS training session.
  • 20 Minutes of training once a week.


  • Core strengthening
  • Overall increase in body strength 
  • Muscles are defined and toned
  • Flexibility is increased
  • Endurance increased  
  • Centimeter loss.

All gear, including full training outfit provided, so no need to pack a gym bag – and no excuses that you forgot your kit! We dress you in an EMS suit and sensitize you to the EMS impulses. Your personal trainer then guides you through a set of exercises such as squats, lunges, and crunches, all while your muscles are contracted.

Your posture and form are super important, as correct movement is essential. Your personal trainer then monitors your posture and movement throughout the session to ensure optimal results. BODYTEC is also a weight-free workout, which decreases your risk of injury as it does not apply pressure to the joints. It is the perfect fitness solution for all-round strength training: it quickly produces effective and visible results and fat content is reduced. Your muscles are gently defined as your physical strength and endurance increase. Bodies differ, but on average people begin to feel and see results between session 6 and 8.

Diet is not only extremely important when the goal is weight loss: you cannot out-exercise a bad diet. Some people just want to firm up and tone their bodies; they already follow a good diet and do some form of cardio training. Others want to improve sport performance like cycling or running and we provide the strength training for improved sports performance. Some just want to alleviate back pain or strengthen their core for optimal functioning or injury prevention. Whatever your specific need – BODYTEC will revolutionize your fitness routine.

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